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The portal to a different dimension (aka Yggalags Room)

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The portal to a different dimension (aka Yggalags Room)

Post by Yggalag on Wed Nov 18, 2015 11:06 pm

Hello, fellow duelist, and welcome to my little domain or room or however you want to call it.

I started playing yugioh back in the days when synchros and xyzs were unknown and pendulum wasnt a word you would ever connect with yugioh. Back then, i used a rock-type deck which resolved around monsters with high def. The plan was to let the opponent defeat himself while he runs aimlessly against face-down monsters. But then synchros came out, my deck (which wasnt very good to begin with, i wasnt into the competitive scene at this time) got completely obsolete, and i abandoned the game for a long time after i got demolished in some matches against little kids only because of synchro monsters and their almightly looking (oh i was so wrong in hindsight) effects.

But after the XYZs came out i discovered Duelingnetwork and shortly after Devpro and that (and probably nostalgia too) got me into the game again. Soon after i got myself a nice deck using some of my crystal beast cards and adding rank 4 XYZs to it to make it (kinda) viable again.

But the meta is fast and crushed my deck again, but this time i found something even nicer. A Deck based of badass historical figures. A deck which can, given the right circumstances, xyz, synchro and fusion summon all in one turn. A deck that unleashes an assault of five powerful boss monster against the opponent, again in one turn. As you might have guessed from the title or this description already, this deck is the D/D/D Archetype and im currently having a lot of fun with it.

So, what more to say. If im online, i have almost always time for a duel, so just message me in any given way if you want to challenge me. My Username on Devpro and DN is the same as here.

Have fun,



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